I was raised in a dynamite keg…no really, on the shores of the San Francisco Bay in a Victorian house, in a company town, belonging to Hercules Powder Company, a manufacturer of dynamite and nitroglycerine.  I experienced several traumatic explosive events during childhood, losing 15 neighborhood fathers through plant explosions.  A town where everyone knew each other and you didn’t get away with much because the news would beat you home.  As a child I acted out my imaginings through my art.  This nurtured a love of the world of the mind.  

In high school I was totally immersed in art taking all available classes in a school with a superior arts program.  I was active on the yearbook doing cartoon illustrations and provided sets for plays and posters for events.  I made my spending money striping cars and motorcycles. 

Upon graduation I went to California College of Arts and Crafts on a scholarship.  While at CCAC, I was one of 3 students chosen nationally by Mead Packaging Corporation to work at their design center in Atlanta, Georgia for the summer.  Graduating with a BFA in advertising design, I joined Container Corporation of America, a premier worldwide packaging company, where I worked for 19 years as designer and art director in the Design and Market Research Laboratory.  A career involving everything from upscale department store, food and wine packaging, retail display design to restaurant design.  Through transfer I came to Renton, WA to manage the local DMR facility that serviced CCA's two manufacturing facilities in the northwest. 

After the company was sold, I went into business  as ‘Douglas Williams/Visual Marketing’, for the next 12 years.  My exposure was so graphically and creatively varied that it would take too much space to describe. After burning out on bill collecting and to salvage my attitude about the human race, I returned to the packaging industry by joining Smurfit Stone Container Corporation at their Packaging Solution Center in Issaquah, WA. A facility primarily for the packaging needs of vendors to Costco. I also provided design solutions for our other customers across the country.

When this facility was closed after 4½ years I chose the opportunity to retire and pursue my other interest of fine art… my first love. 
My emphasis is on acrylic paintings, watercolors, pen and ink drawings and digital paintings.  I have a wide format 8 color Giclée printer for producing archival quality prints.  I am inspired by images from my travels as well as wherever my interests take me and like all artists, I want to share my art.