Artist’s Statement
I am fascinated with architecture, machinery, nautical, wildlife, plant forms and landscape, the juxtaposition of forms and textures, all of which I love to explore in my work. I have done numerous pen and ink drawings of my European travels. I work a great deal with fantasy and surrealism. I am intrigued with the interrelationship of disparate elements and the ponderings that it triggers in the mind of the observer. I love the fresh and optimal arrangement of forms to create graphic and dynamic compositions, no matter what the subject matter. This is a preference honed from my career in advertising design, where it is vital to arrest the wandering eye and force it to pay attention. Living in a world bombarded at every turn with images competing for your attention, artists have an increasingly challenging mission. Art is a window into the world of the mind and I strive to make it gratifying to mind and eye.

I work in pen and ink because I have a fascination with the challenge of expressing in line, all the nuances of an idea and drawing is a necessary skill to the artist. The painting mediums, acrylic and watercolor appeal to me because of the transparency, fast drying and odorless characteristics. The subtle layering of the painted surface best expresses the imagery I paint and make for a rich visual and conceptual experience. I have also been working with digitally created work that I start from conceptual drawings scanned into the computer and electronically painted. This mode of expression is most closely related to the technique of airbrush painting, it is a challenging and intriguing medium. 

Above all else, I believe that in art, idea is a most critical element.